Greenhouse Integration

Creighton Foulkes  •  January 22, 2018  •  ATS

Since launching Hired Assessments, our goal has been to give every one of our users a great experience. Whether it's a candidate completing a challenge as part of an interview or a recruiter navigating the company portal to send out challenges, we want to create the most seamless experience possible.

Streamlining the Existing Pipeline

Integrating with an applicant tracking system (ATS) like Greenhouse allows companies to effortlessly incorporate Hired Assessments into their existing hiring pipeline. Through Greenhouse, companies can easily add a Hired Assessments Project or Challenge to any stage of the interview process. It takes just minutes to set up an assessment with Hired Assessments, enabling recruiters to quickly understand how candidates stack up to their technical benchmarks.

We want our customers to see results immediately, which is why we make it as simple as possible for new users to integrate Hired Assessments into their existing hiring process. Being able to easily send challenges, see results and track applicants helps save time for both engineers and recruiters.

Greater Customization

Hired Assessments already allows companies to fully customize project assessments and coding challenges. Integrating with Greenhouse also enables companies to specify where in their hiring pipeline they would like to use Hired Assessments without making any major changes to their existing process. As a result, we've seen customers save time on initial resume screens by leveraging Hired Assessments at the top of their hiring funnel. Additionally, we've also seen success when companies choose to place challenges further in the funnel to replace or supplement technical phone screens. Either way, we want to make sure that companies can fully customize how Hired Assessments works for them. Our integration with Greenhouse gives companies the flexibility to fully maximize the effectiveness of Hired Assessments's products, while minimizing the changes they need to make to their existing process.

Set Up Instructions

To set up the integration, just navigate to Settings -> API Access in your Hired Assessments admin dashboard and copy the "Greenhouse" API Key. Then paste it into your Greenhouse account! It's that simple.