Lever Integration

Creighton Foulkes  •  Jul 25, 2018  •  ATS

We're excited to launch a partnership with Lever to enable our customers to more easily send Hired Assessments tests. This integration allows you to automatically send out Hired Assessments tests via Lever. Below are instructions on how to set up the integration.

Asynchronous vs. Sychronous Testing

Creighton Foulkes  •  May 7, 2018  •  Testing Techniques

In previous posts we've discussed some of the challenges with technical interviewing. You can read some of what we've been thinking in...

Zapier Integration

Derek Lo  •  Mar 19, 2018  •  Zapier

Hired Assessments now integrates with Zapier! Automatically send a Hired Assessments test when actions happen in your other apps, like a TypeForm or Woofoo form submission.

Test Cases

Creighton Foulkes  •  Feb 23, 2018  •  Test cases

A test case is an input and output used to verify the correctness and optimality of a candidate's solution. Each test cases's input is passed into...

LiveChallenge Tutorial

Derek Lo  •  Jan 28, 2018  •  LiveChallenge

Hired Assessments for Work's LiveChallenge allows you and your interviewer to write code collaboratively and execute that code in real time.

Integrating with Greenhouse

Creighton Foulkes  •  Jan 22, 2018  •  ATS

Since launching Hired Assessments for Work, our goal has been to give every one of our users a great experience. Whether it's a candidate completing a challenge as part of an interview or a recruiter navigating the company portal to send out challenges, we want to create the most seamless experience possible.

Challenges vs. Projects

Derek Lo  •  Jan 8, 2018  •  Assessment

From discussions with hundreds of engineers and recruiters at companies ranging from 1 employee to over 5000, the two most common ways companies automate their screening process are: coding challenges and projects.

Problems with Technical Hiring

Creighton Foulkes  •  Jan 2, 2018  •  Hiring

Too often technical hiring is based on screening that doesn't actually take a candidate's real skill into account. We know this first hand, as we ran an experiment for 2 months trying to place 100's of Hired Assessments users at companies ranging from 10 employees to over 1000.

Closing the Skills Gap

Derek Lo  •  December 22, 2017  •  Recruiting

Over the last year alone Hired Assessments, has built a community of over 500,000 programmers. It has been our longstanding vision to lower the barrier to entry for CS education.

Why React?

Creighton Foulkes  •  October 14, 2017  •  React

React is a JavaScript library that is in high demand, popular among developers, and simple to learn with a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript. Hired Assessments is launching a new interactive video platform to teach React in an efficient and fun way!

App Store Feature

Derek Lo  •  June 8, 2017  •  App Store

It’s incredibly exciting for us to see so many people downloading and loving Hired Assessments. We’re averaging 5 stars with thousands of ratings and very proud that our users are getting so much out of their experience!